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Help create a virtual-compatible 2.007 curriculum and kit of tools/materials!




2: Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Supervisor:

Amos Winter

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Amos Winter: awinter@mit.edu

Project Description

Through the fall semester, we will be developing a fully virtual-compatible version of 2.007. This class will be used in the event we are still under quarantine, semi-quarantine, or some 2.007 students cannot return to campus for other reasons in spring 2021. Integral to this effort will be designing a kit of tools and materials that can be sent to students anywhere in the world so they can build robots at home. Our aim is to create a 2.007 experience that is just as fulfilling as our on-campus version, even though it will be remote. With the new kit, we want students to experience the core learning objectives of 2.007: 1) physically experiencing important principles of mechanical engineering (e.g. friction, compliance, virtual work, over-constraint, tolerance stack-up, etc.); and 2) building their confidence and competence as mechanical engineers by physically realizing a machine of their own design. We need UROPs to help us develop this virtual 2.007 curriculum and kit. In the first half of fall 2020, the UROPs will help us refine the kit by testing different tools and materials, and building 2.007-esq machines to explore the capabilities of the kit. They will also work with the teaching staff to develop a competition/design challenge that can held remotely. This will likely include making a mini competition table that can be set up on the portable work bench that will be sent to every 2.007 student. Throughout the semester the UROPs will also help create learning modules and physical homeworks, where students will do small building challenges to physically demonstrate core 2.007 principles. This will be a PAID UROP position, where students can work up to 10 hrs/week.


Senior MechE students who are living on or near campus, and who have taken 2.007.