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Healthcare IT Interoperability: Technical and Strategic Issues




6: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Faculty Supervisor:

Amar Gupta

Faculty email:


Apply by:

ASAP: By 2/13 for pay; and by 2/25 for credit


agupta@mit.edu; (617) 253-0418

Project Description

Despite efforts in the US and in other countries, the problem of transmitting and use of healthcare data across clinics, hospitals, and organizations continues to escalate partly because of new developments in Digital Health. The growing number of medical devices, healthcare algorithms, and the increasing use of telemedicine concepts present a new urgency to the need for surmounting organizational and political boundaries that impede the flow of time-sensitive healthcare data and information. A 57 page paper has been written summarizing major efforts around the world. The research could focus on technical or strategic aspects.


Ability to devote at least 10 hours per week. CS and/or healthcare background preferred BUT IS NOT ESSENTIAL. MORE THAN ONE STUDENT MAY BE SELECTED. Relevant URL: news.mit.edu/2018/removing-health-care-barriers-and-boundaries-amar-gupta-telemedicine-0522