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Harnessing Diversity for Human Development, Healthy Climate, Public Health, and Just Computing Architecture




17: Political Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Evan Lieberman

Faculty email:


Apply by:

September 15 (Sophomores - Seniors), October 1 (Freshman)


Nico Studen, nstuden@mit.edu

Project Description

The Global Diversity Lab at MIT is looking to hire several undergraduates interested in contributing to cutting-edge, empirical research at the intersection of the social sciences and several technical and engineering fields. Our lab seeks to find solutions to persistent biases in terms of race, ethnicity, and national-origin in a number of key areas in the United States and countries and regions around the World. UROPs will conduct substantial background research for a number of projects examining the implications of diversity in critical technical fields: 1. AI / Computing 2. Public Health 3. Climate Change 4. Human Development. The research will consist of three parts: 1. Carry out guided scholarly literature reviews on related topics (for example, what has been written, found on the relationship between racial bias and artificial intelligence? On COVID-19 and health outcomes for racial minorities? Etc.) UROPs will identify and summarize key works on these sub-topics. 2. Identify datasets and potentially collect data, related to the literature in (1). 3. Generate and analyze some (pilot) datasets relevant to the project. *Note: Please select "direct funding" when submitting your application.


Ideally, UROPs will have an interest in the subject matter; good writing skills; basic data analysis skills; and most important: willingness to work consistently throughout the term and to carry out a minimum of half the week’s work hours during office hours. For more information, see our (in progress) website: MIT Global Diversity Lab