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The Hammer and The Feather




21M: Music and Theater Arts

Faculty Supervisor:

Christian Frederickson

Faculty email:


Apply by:



Christian Frederickson: cef045@mit.edu

Project Description

The Hammer and the Feather takes its name from the experiment performed on the moon by astronaut David Scott, which proved Galileo’s assertion that gravity exerts equal force on all objects. The piece will be an immersive audio and visual installation created by MIT faculty member Christian Frederickson and visual artist and film maker Greg King. The Hammer and the Feather uses the architecture of the liturgical mass as a structural and conceptual framework to create a contemplative and spiritual environment where audience participants can connect with large questions and pursue their own inquiries into the nature of existence. Bridging humanistic and scientific inquiry, the piece uses gravity as a poetic and conceptual departure point for musical, visual, and sonic material. The Hammer and the Feather is being developed for release in Spring 2021, so we're currently in the midst of research and creation of initial materials. This UROP opportunity will be remote and will involve research, data management, and web design.