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Graphical User Interface for Space Suit Safety




MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Joe Paradiso

Faculty email:


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Cedric Honnet: honnet@media.mit.edu

Project Description

Are you a fan of science fiction interfaces? Our space-resilient e-textiles enable haptic feedback on pressurized (extra-vehicular) suits. Such technologies can offer significant advancements in remote monitoring for safety assessment purposes, including the transmission of mission-critical information such as pressurized suit integrity. By leveraging aerospace-grade electronic textiles, multimodal sensing strategies, and haptic interfaces, we can also provide astronauts with a strengthened sense of connection with fellow astronauts and their environment through heightened situational awareness and seamless environmental interaction. Your mission would be to focus on design and implementation of an interface to visualize the space suit sensor data: capacitive touch, pressure, space particle impacts, etc. You would be working with data from a conceptual prototype.


Ideally sophomore-senior unless with experience in graphical interfaces. The development would be with Processing.org as another student is already working with it. [TL;DR - Keywords: wearable sensor data visualization, Interface design, Processing.org]