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Gastric contraction visualization




2: Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Supervisor:

Giovanni Traverso

Faculty email:


Apply by:

May 5th


Please send you resume/CV to Neil Jia, zixunjia@mit.edu and Dr. Traverso, cgt20@mit.edu

Project Description

The project is aiming to build a proof-of-concept system to visualize the motility (contractile forces) inside the stomach. The motility in the stomach is evaluated clinically to inform diagnoses associated with nausea and other symptoms; however, the current approach uses nuclear imaging during a controlled meal. We aim to develop a novel intragastric system to visualize and map 3D dynamic motility inside the stomach, which will lead to a new tool for clinical diagnosis. Over this summer, we want a student to work with us remotely on developing the software of the device. The approach involves the use of a network of inertial measurement units (IMU) recording the 3-axis of acceleration and 3-axis of angle velocity from different points; then the raw data-set of points will be connected and converted to a live 3D plot. Signal processing algorithms, i.e., Kalman filters, will need to be implemented in the program. The student is expected to work closely with a graduate research assistant.


Basic knowledge on Arduino coding and signal processing; MATLAB programming and linear algebra ; Highly motivated, responsible, creative, critical thinking, and organized. At least 24 hours per week will be dedicated to project work, weekly meeting/tutoring between graduate research assistant/UROP student is committed. Course 2 (mechanical engineering), course 6 (electrical engineering and computer science) student is preferred though not restricted to this background.