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Game preservation - porting Flash games to new environments for continued access




CMS: Comparative Media Studies

Faculty Supervisor:

Philip Tan

Faculty email:


Apply by:

December 17


Please send resume & cover letter to reberhar@mit.edu

Project Description

The MIT Game Lab and Education Arcade has published a number of games and game prototypes to the web using Adobe Flash. Flash is no longer going to be supported beyond December 2020 as a plugin for major web browsers. This UROP would be to review our existing Flash-based games and preserve a subset of them in a number of ways. This includes both packaging standalone executables, while maintaining the original Flash code, as well as porting some of the games which use the Flixel game engine to a cross-platform version called HaxeFlixel (https://haxeflixel.com) to be used in HTML5 browsers (particularly on Chromebooks). We also have some older Unity games which were published as Unity plugin games, which we would need ported to either standalone Unity executables for Windows & MacOS or as (preferably) web-based HTML5 games.


Prior experience using ActionScript is highly recommended. UROPs seeking further experience in programming would be expected to either learn HaxeFlixel codebase for porting Flash games or Unity for porting older Unity games.