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Fusing Nanoelectronics with Biology




MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Deblina Sarkar

Faculty email:


Apply by:

10th September


Shubham Yadav, shyadav@mit.edu

Project Description

We are developing next-generation nanoelectronics-bio hybrid devices for probing and modulating our biological systems especially the brain. Nanoelectronics has the potential to enable radical tools for in-vivo interrogation of our biological systems in order to answer fundamental questions in biology as well as to provide novel technologies by combining diagnostics with automated therapeutic effects at cellular precision. Realization of this promise, however, will require severe dimensional and power scaling of the electronics, which is beyond the physical limitations of conventional nanoelectronics, dealing a hard blow to this dream. Our aim is to develop extremely energy-efficient and ultra-scalable next-generation nano-machines which overcome these fundamental limitations and can make this dream come true, opening up entirely new avenues unthinkable earlier. These devices will possess the capabilities of energy harvesting, wireless communication with systems outside the body and can be remotely controlled. They will be coated with biomolecules such that they can effectively camouflage and trick the body into thinking that it is a part of its own biological system. Such devices can cause a paradigm shift in life-machine synergism. The urop can be involved in both simulation, design, building of the devices as well as interfacing them with biological systems. More details can be found at http://www.mit.edu/~profsarkar/lifenanomachine.html


strong background or willingness to learn electromagnetism and optoelectronic device physics. Student needs to be living on-campus and should be willing to work in-person in the lab.