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Freedom Radio: media research, narrative generation, topic generation, audio transcription, audio processing




MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Ekene Ijeoma

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Please apply here: https://forms.gle/UBczk4L3pbucZBrg7

Project Description

Poetic Justice is a group of critical thinkers and makers developing new ways of seeing and understanding social issues through multiple fields of research and translating them into multimedia using computational design and conceptual art strategies. We’ve been developing a series of artworks that use automated voice response systems to record voice responses from the public and remix them into generative sound and video works. The first is A Counting a participatory voice portrait of the US, which will be released online and on-the-phone in May. The next will be Freedom Radio an international community-driven discussion platform and generative sound artwork about freedom. As a UROP you’d work with our team to develop frontend or backend tools and processes for transcribing voice responses in multiple languages (with timecodes), generating themes, and remixing the responses into a stream of narrative and discursive driven formats as well as research video and audio archives of interviews and speeches from human rights activists and advocates.


Preferred interests: social justice, social sciences, and arts – writing and poetry – breaking down the complexities of social issues and building visibility, accountability, and solidarity around them – Python, Django or Flask, Twilio, natural language processing, audio processing, HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap (or similar CSS framework)