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Freedom Radio: crowdsourced generative voice conversation about how people are thinking about freedom today




MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Ekene Ijeoma

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Please apply here: https://forms.gle/MQkAFzUQy3XyeikMA

Project Description

Poetic Justice is a group of critical thinkers and makers researching social inequality across multiple fields including social science to develop artworks in sound, video, multimedia, sculpture and installation. Working from data studies and life experiences, and using both computational design and conceptual art strategies, we reframe social issues through artworks that embody and empower overlooked truths within systems of oppression. We’ve been developing a series of artworks that use automated voice response systems to collect responses from the public and remix them into generative sound and video works. This Summer we partnered with museums and communities across the US to relaunch A Counting, an ongoing series of voice portraits of the US created by crowdsourcing phone recordings of people counting to 100 and remixing them into count of 100 with a different voice and language for every number. To experience the work call 844-959-3197 or visit a-counting.us. Now partnering with the House of Mandela Family Foundation to create a global voice portrait of freedom titled Freedom Radio! So we’re crowdsourcing both prompts and responses about freedom and developing them into a generative sound work. As a UROP you’d work with our team to develop frontend or backend tools and processes for transcribing voice responses in multiple languages (with timecodes), generating themes, and remixing the responses into a stream of narrative and discursive driven formats as well as research video and audio archives of interviews from human rights activists and advocates. Keywords: media research, narrative generation, topic generation, audio transcription, audio processing


We are looking for 2 or 3 students with the following profiles. Please apply if you fit one or more of these: Front-end HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), JS (Tone.js, d3.js, p5.js and/or alternatives) Back-end Python (Django or Flask) Full-stack All the above Natural Language/Text Processing Google Sheets, SciKit, Keras, R, pandas, TensorFlow, Jupyter Notebook, and/or alternatives MIT 6.00 course or equivalent Python experience 18.06 or 18.05 knowledge preferred but not required Interest in linguistics concepts such as didactics, semantic similarity Audio processing LibROSA, Sox, PyAudio and/or alternatives