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Fluid dynamic analyses of movie theaters and aircrafts with origami space dividers (Remote)




2: Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Supervisor:

Andy MacInnis

Faculty email:


Apply by:

November 30, 2020



Project Description

Our multidisciplinary team coming from transportation, restaurant, and movie backgrounds are joining forces together to create origami dividers for the public space to combat COVID spread. You will join our journey to learn how to talk with big corporations including United Airlines, Amtrak, Starbucks, and AMC Theatres. Our goal is to have the product, which you shall take a part in, to be massively deployed at just around the movie corner, or in the sky. You shall conduct a fluid dynamic simulation of cough in an aircraft, a train, or a movie theatre when 50% to 100% of seats have this origami space divider installed. You shall also take part in prototyping and mass manufacturing. You’ll experience the entrepreneurial journey from the development of a product catering to customer needs, conducting pilot testing, to deploying it into the market. You will also learn the soft skill of networking with both frontline staff and senior management people. Such endeavor, if successfully implemented, can become a part of your proud portfolio! If you want to challenge the science of disease spread, get a sense of entrepreneurship, and are passionate in the movie or transportation industry, come join us! Stipend: $1900 (3 to 5 hrs per week until the end of IAP)


Able to use a computational fluid dynamic software.