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Fine positioning of cable suspended platform




2: Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Supervisor:

Harry Asada

Faculty email:


Apply by:



Rachel Hoffman-Bice, rachelmh@mit.edu, Room 1-007

Project Description

Cable Suspended Parallel Robots or CSPRs are a class of parallel manipulators in which a mobile end-effector is connected in parallel to fixed points through actuated cables. A CSPR consists of three or more motorized winches to manipulate an object within a defined workspace . In our case, our system has three winches which are each aattached to linear actuators, thus our system has six actuators and is redundantly actuated. Solving and implementing the system kinematics and position control of our CSPRs is a challenge perfect for an undergraduate researcher. This project can be expanded into a thesis if desired. This is an IN-PERSON project and will be completed in room 1-007.


Familiarity with arduino is required. The ideal candidate will have experience with robot kinematics and basic control systems. If you have taken 2.12 or a similar class that would be sufficient. This is an IN-PERSON project (due to hardware) and will be completed in room 1-007, so campus access is required.