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Fabrication of Scalable Micro/Nanostructured Surfaces for Thin-Film Condensation Heat Transfer Enhancement




2: Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Supervisor:

Evelyn Wang

Faculty email:


Apply by:



Yajing Zhao: yjzhao@mit.edu

Project Description

Condensation is a ubiquitous process in nature, and in industrial applications such as condensers in steam power plants. Enhancing condensation heat transfer is crucial to improving energy efficiency and water-saving of large scale energy systems. This project aims at developing scalable and robust micro/nanostructured surfaces for enhancing the condensation heat transfer process. We have developed an analytical model to guide the surface design. Two fabrication plans are under exploring: (1) electrospin hydrophobic polymer on a porous copper substrate; (2) deposit polymer onto a porous copper mesh in a robust manner. We will use Scanning Electronic Microscopy (SEM) to characterize the fabricated samples. During the Spring semester, This UROP will be working closely with a Ph.D. student on the fabrication and characterization of the micro/nanostructured surfaces. A major deliverable of this project is to develop a recipe to fabricate structured surfaces with ideal geometry. The UROP will also have opportunities to learn how to set up an experiment in a customized environmental chamber and to conduct heat transfer experiments with the fabricated micro/nanostructured surfaces.


The UROP is expected to have some basic knowledge of heat and mass transfer and a strong interest in doing experiments. Previous experience with SEM, Solidworks, or lab-scale fabrication is preferable but not required. Female students are encouraged to apply.