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Fabrication and Cold Testing of Wax-Based Hybrid Rockets




MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Danielle Wood

Faculty email:


Apply by:

September 15


Javier Stober: stober@mit.edu

Project Description

The Space Enabled Research Group advances justice in Earth’s complex systems using designs enabled by space. Space technology contributes to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals via communication, Earth observation, positioning, microgravity research, spinoffs and fundamental research. Space Enabled uses six methods to apply space technology to development, including art, design, social science, complex systems modeling, satellite engineering and data science. This project investigates the formation of wax-based fuels using centrifugal casting in order to understand and improve fuel formation methods. A goal of the project is to understand how experimental conditions such as thermal or gravitational environment influence the ability to produce fuels. Due to remote work constraints, the project will predominantly involve literature reviews, data analysis, and potentially small hardware work such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Proficiency in Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Solidworks, Python, and/or MATLAB is preferred. This work will be conducted remotely.


Background in planetary science, material science, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, physics, chemistry, or related field