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A Fabric Speaker Augmenting Human-Fabric Interactions


IAP and Spring


3: Materials Science and Engineering

Faculty Supervisor:

Yoel Fink

Faculty email:


Apply by:



gabloke@mit.edu; weiyan@mit.edu

Project Description

Sound is one of important aspects of our human senses. Incorporating the ability to produce sound from fabrics provides a new means of interaction between humans and our clothings and fabric commodities around us. In this project, we design and fabricate piezoelectric fibers capable of generating sound or even music when an electric field is applied across it. These fibers are flexible and large-scale for seamless integration into our clothings and fabrics. We are seeking for UROPs to assist us in optimizing and testing amplifying circuits, implementation of fibers into fabrics, and demonstrating the versatile applications of the fabric speaker. The UROPs are expected to learn more about analog circuits, amplifiers, speaker mechanisms, wearable electronics, material science, and hardware engineering. The UROPs can also have the opportunity to co-author our high-impact publications.


The project is open to students majoring in electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, and other relevant fields. The UROP can be for credit or direct funding from the UROP office. Please email Gabriel Loke or Wei Yan to schedule an interview as soon as possible.