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Exploring manufacturing methods for a product with fashion models as the users




2: Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Supervisor:

Matthew Kressy

Faculty email:


Apply by:

Nov 15


Melody Mui: mmelody@mit.edu

Project Description

Aubrey in Math creates fashion products. Mathematics is frequently used in our design to facilitate a specific function. Our current focus is a patented heel carabiner. Our beachhead market is fashion models, who frequently need to bring heels to work. After the pandemic, we will start by speaking with IMG Models, Ford Models, and the like to penetrate it into the market. If traction looks good, we shall apply for the La Maison des Startups at LVMH in Paris, and penetrate it into the everyday life of working women. Currently, we need to simplify the components and drive down the time and cost that it will take for manufacturing. In addition, since the pandemic creates a germaphobe culture, we will also invent a disinfectant spray bottle, that is ergonomic to spray shoe sole fashionably. Stipend: $1,900 (10 hours a week) or $1,000 (5 hours a week)


Junior or senior student in Course 2 Mechanical Engineering