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Ensemble Control of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems




12: Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Sai Ravela

Faculty email:


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Sai Ravela, ravela@mit.edu

Project Description

Under an ONR award, we are developing a novel ensemble approach to model predictive control for nonlinear systems with application to low-cost autopilot design. In this project, you will learn and prototype the ensemble approach (which also has applications to system identification, parameter estimation, and learning) on embedded-GPUs, then test it in simulation. Time permitting, the work continues real flight. This project is the continuation of existing work that has seen much UROP interest, and therefore, you will have a fantastic peer group.


This project is best suited to a junior or senior with interest in adaptive control of autonomous aircraft systems. Experience with PX4 is highly desirable; other experience with GPU programming and Matlab is highly desirable. A commitment of 10 hours per week is required, including 1x1 and group meetings.