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Employment pathways & the future of work




15: Management

Faculty Supervisor:

George Westerman

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Susan Young, susany@mit.edu

Project Description

The objective of this research is to better understand the ease of mobility between jobs and translate information about automation from an occupation level to a job posting level. Findings from this work can be useful across the learning ecosystem and particularly for a) workers seeking to plan their next career moves and b) employers wishing to improve hiring and talent management practices. https://jwel.mit.edu/j-wel-workforce-learning. This work will include: • Scraping a variety of online job postings • Cleaning job postings to extract job title, required tasks, and required skills • Clustering similar task descriptions and mapping them to tasks in O*NET Interested students should send a copy of their resume and unoffocial transcript.


• data analytics • web scraping • text analytics • natural language processing • machine learning • python