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Emotion and stimuli in video advertisements




15: Management

Faculty Supervisor:

John Hauser

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Please include resume. Email madhavk@mit.edu with 'UROP' in the subject line

Project Description

Video advertising is a popular form of visual storytelling where marketers attempt to captivate the consumers with short narratives. The task is challenging because the advertisement must also motivate consumers to view advertisements. We seek to explore whether designers can create better ads to engage consumers. To this end, we seek to understand better how emotions and stimuli within ads influence consumers attitudes, preferences, and potential buying behavior. For example, is a positive story that builds up to surprise twist may be more effective than a weak story which focuses solely on informative content? We want also to explore modalities such as the effect of a fun animated video vs. a voice over with minimal visuals? We are looking for UROPs to help us annotate data on video ads, develop and code an experiment, and collect data using an online panel.


Basic proficiency in spreadsheets and data analysis. Enthusiasm to learn something new. Programming experience in Python or R is a plus, but not required.