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Email automation interface and programming library




6: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Faculty Supervisor:

David Karger

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Project Description

We are seeking undergraduate students to join our project YouPS. YouPS is an emailing programming system that allows users to customize the behavior of their inbox based on context with the full flexibility provided by programming. YouPS includes a Python software library and a web-based IDE for users to write scripts using the YouPS software library and then deploy them on their personal inbox. As a UROP student, you will be responsible for building or enhancing the interface and conducting the user study. During the project, UROP students will be taught essential UX and a full cycle of HCI research.  We are looking for applications from individuals who would like to work on the project. We are also open to joint applications from pairs of students who are friends and would like to form a team together.  We are looking for individuals or two students who are friends and would like to form a team together to work on the project.  More details about our project can be found at a MIT News article: http://news.mit.edu/2019/better-email-automation-mit-csail-0429


If desired to work at the software library (backend): PythonIf desired to work at the IDE (frontend): web dev (javascript, jquery, html, css)