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Electoral Geography, Voting Rights, and Minority Representation: Evidence from California




17: Political Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Asya Magazinnik

Faculty email:


Apply by:

Friday, February 14


Asya Magazinnik, asyam@mit.edu, (646) 327-5968

Project Description

I am working on a large-scale, multi-year study of how the California Voting Rights Act (CVRA) reshaped local elections and the representation of previously underrepresented groups -- namely Hispanic voters, but also low-income voters and renters (as opposed to homeowners) -- in local government. The CVRA led many cities to convert from "at-large" elections, where everyone in the city gets to vote on every representative, to "districts," where the city is carved into smaller geographic units, each of which gets its own representative. I seek a research assistant for about ten hours a week to help me locate electoral maps for these newly drawn electoral districts; to analyze these maps; to collect additional election data from cities' websites; and for additional tasks to be determined as the project evolves.


There are no prerequisites for this position.