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Education Arcade's pSims (Participatory Simulations) games




CMS: Comparative Media Studies

Faculty Supervisor:

Eric Klopfer

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Project Description

Interested in games? Want to work in mobile web and app development? Apply to work on pSims (Participatory Simulations) Games at the Scheller Teacher Education Program/The Education Arcade! Psims are whole class, systems-based simulation games played on mobile devices. Imagine a classroom game that challenges you and other players to avoid getting sick from a mysterious virus that is spreading. OR imagine a game for students to try maintaining the balance of a fragile, digital ecosystem without hurting its human inhabitants. These are just some of the scenarios we’ve developed over the years with a lot of success. The latest iterations of these games are being designed for classroom-friendly mobile devices (phones and tablets). We are looking for UROPs to help design and develop these games and implement them using scalable web technologies (React). The system is currently using React (js) and Firebase, and also a React Native client for iOS and Android. This summer we plan to (a) finish the development of our newest game in which students learn about data and graphing through planetary exploration, and b) expand our repository with the design and development of one or two new games. We are assuming at this point that all work will be remote (though a possible return to campus could happen late summer). If you are interested in this position, please send an email to tea-jobs@mit.edu and include: * an overview of your programming experience (specific references to relevant courses and other development and programming projects would be very helpful) including any pertinent URLs * a summary of any previous UROP and work experience (attach a resume if you have one) * a short description of why you are interested in working on this project * your availability this summer (assuming all work is remote) * Please put “pSims" in the subject line


We are looking for students with a strong programming background. Experience with JavaScript/HTML/CSS, React/Redux/ReactNative and NoSQL databases is helpful. Interests/expertise in front end design and game design are also big strengths.