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Economics PhD research (various projects)




14: Economics

Faculty Supervisor:

Frank Schilbach

Faculty email:


Apply by:

January 31, 2021


Frank Schilbach (fschilb@mit.edu); Mohit Karnani (mohitkarnani@gmail.com); and Ruth Levitsky (levitsky@mit.edu).

Project Description

MIT econ PhD students work on a wide range of exciting research topics, from evaluating poverty alleviation efforts and tackling climate change to improving mental health, estimating optimal trade policy, and optimal macroeconomic policy responses to COVID-19. This UROP will give you first-hand experience in working in academic research. You can learn more about economics and academic research. You'll also learn relevant data and other skills.


Most important for us is a strong motivation and enthusiasm, as well as attention to detail. Having taken economics classes (especially 14.30, 14.32) or other relevant coursework in economics or CS is preferred but not required. Coding skills (Stata, R, Python, etc.) are very helpful for most projects. All UROPs are for pay only. Only MIT students who are currently enrolled and who currently reside in the US are eligible. Strong priority will be given to UROPs who have *not* used their ELO funding. Please send us the following materials: (i) a brief paragraph describing your interest as well as your relevant experience and skills (including relevant economics or coding classes taken; (ii) your CV/resume; (iii) your (unofficial) grade report (if available); (iv) which areas of research you might be particularly interested in; (v) for how many hours per week you will be available in the spring semester (at least ten hours per week are preferred!); (vi) whether you have used your ELO funding yet.