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Economic Modeling of Open Monograph Scholarship adsa




9: Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Roger Levy

Faculty email:


Apply by:



Micah Altman: escience@mit.edu

Project Description

Help us develop the future of open access and open science. Our goal in this project is to understand and predict the economic costs and impacts of making long-form scholarly communications more openly available. As part of this project, we plan to construct and evaluate empirical models utilizing public databases, administrative data, and data mining. As a UROP, you will meet regularly with the CREOS Research Scientist and work with the project faculty directors to contribute to literature reviews, data curation, and data analysis and visualization. Opportunities for further research may be available upon successful completion of this effort; as well as opportunities for co-authorship on publications that result in work from this project.


Prerequisites: Interest in open access / open science Ability to commit a minimum of 5 hours per week Additional skills: Experience with bibliography management tools (e.g. Zotero) Experience with data curation/mining/analysis is a plus If interested list of completed courses, resume (optional) or summary of data mining and/or analysis skills, and a short description (a few statements) describing how you would be a good candidate.