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Drone wind sensor testing




16: Aeronautics and Astronautics

Faculty Supervisor:

Jonathan P. How

Faculty email:


Apply by:



Aleix Paris i Bordas aleix@mit.edu

Project Description

The project comprises CAD design of 3D-printed pieces for mounting several innovative wind sensors on a hexarotor drone and testing of these sensors. The sensors consist in rods that deflect depending on the wind. Testing will consist of measuring the sensor outputs (deflection angles in the x and y direction and torque applied at the base) in different steady-state windspeeds generated by a wind tunnel. Additional tests might include flights in turbulent airflow in our indoor flight space. Depending on requirements, some programming in C++ and ROS to interface with the sensors might be needed.


CAD design in SolidWorks, basic Linux. Basic programming experience in C++ and/or ROS is preferred.