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Digital phenotyping, artificial intelligence and mental health




HST: Health Sciences and Technology

Faculty Supervisor:

Elazer R Edelman

Faculty email:


Apply by:

October 1, 2020



Project Description

This unique UROP lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence, digital health, smartphone apps, and mental health. The project offers the opportunity to work at the frontier of mobile health interventions and artificial intelligence. This opportunity will focus on platform design (server and Android/iOS app development) data analysis derived from mobile sensor data obtained from studies focusing on mental health and serious mental illnesses via mobile interventions.


- We need students to build the backend and front end of the digital phenotyping server (please see example platform: https://github.com/onnela-lab/beiwe-backend) - Students are also needed to design the android and iOS apps - Finally, we need students with experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence for the data analysis part of this project