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Development of New Materials Modeling Software




3: Materials Science and Engineering

Faculty Supervisor:

Antoine Allanore

Faculty email:


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Email CV or resume to Mary Elizabeth Wagner: mbwagner@mit.edu

Project Description

Have you ever wanted to do something challenging, creating a new software that will make new predictions easy for everyone? The Allanore Group has developed a new method for predicting the behavior of liquid solutions, and it shows excellent match with experimental results! We have written the model in Mathematica but are looking for your help to implement in Python so it is more easily accessible to a broader audience. This will allow new innovations in recycling, environmentally friendly metal processing, and design of new batteries! This is a great opportunity for any student curious about the interface between computation and materials science, or for someone looking for a challenge to test their programming expertise. Email mbwagner@mit.edu with your resume for more information!


proficiency in Python