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Development of audio platform and/or plugin for lossless VR audio streaming




CMS: Comparative Media Studies

Faculty Supervisor:

Prof. D. Fox Harrell

Faculty email:


Apply by:



Rita Sahu: ritasahu@mit.edu

Project Description

There is a critical need in psychiatry to find new ways for patients to express their internal thoughts which are difficult to articulate in words. The subtle distinctions between thoughts as an internal voice in obsessive compulsive disorder and auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia is hard for educators to convey to medical students. Our team has developed a novel virtual reality interface that allows educators to create immersive 3D audio reconstructions of patient experiences. Medical students will experience the world as patients with specific diagnoses, increasing understanding of distinctions between psychiatric diagnosis and empathy for patients. As our world has changed dramatically over the past several months, our team is seeking a skilled student programmer to be responsible for all programming and development of a standalone application, or suitable audio plugin for an existing platform, to stream this custom virtual reality software with visuals and lossless spatial audio to medical students. The student programmer must also feel comfortable serving as the programming language expert on the team, and will be expected to attend weekly or bi-monthly meetings with all team members to report on progress and iterate on software builds. Language experience preferred in C++, Java, C#, and Python, though fluency in any of these is acceptable. Experience in Unity is also a major plus.


Sufficient knowledge in relevant languages (i.e., C++, Python, Java, etc) to allow for creative problem solving; Experience developing standalone applications; Familiarity with Virtual Reality platforms a plus; Familiarity with the Unity a plus.