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Developing Next Generation X-ray Detectors for Astrophysics




MKI: MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research

Faculty Supervisor:

Eric Miller

Faculty email:


Apply by:

June 5, 2020



Project Description

We seek a student to help evaluate and understand imaging detectors currently being developed for future advanced X-ray astrophysics missions. These CCD detectors, being developed and tested jointly by MIT Lincoln Lab and the MIT Kavli Institute CCD Lab, are similar to those fabricated by MIT and currently in service on the Chandra X-ray Observatory, but with much faster readout rate to take advantage of the very high sensitivity of future X-ray optics. You will work closely with CCD Lab scientists and engineers to help characterize these devices, specifically adapting existing C/C++ detector simulation software to our needs and then performing simulations of the interaction of X-ray photons with the detector. You will also develop Python analysis and visualization tools to analyze the simulation results and compare to experimental lab results, using data currently in hand that does not require access to our lab space.


C/C++ and Python programming skills, including numpy and matplotlib. Experience with astronomical imaging data and analysis is a plus.