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Developing Interactive Web Tools for AI Education




MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Cynthia Breazeal

Faculty email:


Apply by:



Safinah Ali, safinah@media.mit.edu

Project Description

The AI Education team (https://aieducation.mit.edu/) within the Personal Robots Group (https://robotic.media.mit.edu/) at MIT Media Lab is looking for a summer UROP to aid in developing web tools to help teach middle schoolers about AI Education, specifically about GANs. The AI Education Initiative strives to prepare K-12 students for careers and citizenry in a future with artificial intelligence. Our lessons include the exploration of both technical and ethical understandings of AI. The program this summer is a part of an NSF grant that will assess the understanding of introductory AI lessons and their impact on attitudes towards STEAM careers. Lessons will focus on concepts such as supervised machine learning, algorithmic bias, GANs, and Ddeepfakes. For this project, we will be developing several interactive web tools that children can use to learn about GANs. These will involve plugging in pre-trained models into interactive web interfaces, or training new models that children can use to learn about generative modeling. In light of COVID-19, we will prepare for this UROP experience to be remote. To apply (or ask for more information), please write to safinah@media.mit.edu, with a copy of your resume/CV, a paragraph explaining why you are interested in this position, a link to your portfolio (if you have one), and your github profile (if you have one). What you get out of it: - Training Generative Adversarial Networks - Web dev experience - Experience developing AI Education curricula - Understanding and explaining basic AI concepts - Developing AI learning tools that can be accessed by thousands of students onlines


Web design experience (HTML/CSS/JS) Tensorflow experience is preferable, but not required