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Detection and monitoring of heart diseases from wearable fabric electronics




RLE: Research Lab for Electronics

Faculty Supervisor:

Yoel Fink

Faculty email:


Apply by:



gabloke@mit.edu; weiyan@mit.edu

Project Description

About 700,000 Americans die from heart diseases each year, with tens of millions of people diagnosed with a heart-related problem each year. The integration of fiber-shaped stethoscope into fabrics allows for in-situ tracking heart activities. In this project, we aim to monitor and potentially perform early diagnosis of heart conditions via a wearable auscultation fabric which continuously records and monitors heartbeat signals. Our eventual goal is to be able to use advanced AI algorithms to predict and classify normal and abnormal signals to enable an on-body fabric assistant. We are seeking for UROPs to assist us in the implementation of the functional fabric towards recording signals and deciphering waveforms from both healthy and non-healthy individuals. The UROPs are expected to learn more about microphones, wearable electronics, functional fabric, healthcare, physiological monitoring, and machine learning algorithms. The UROPs can also have the opportunity to co-author our high-impact publications.


The project is open to students majoring in biological engineering, health science and technology, electrical engineering, computer science, material science, mechanical engineering, and other relevant fields. The UROP can be for credit or direct funding from the UROP office. Please email Gabriel Loke (gabloke@mit.edu) or Wei Yan (weiyan@mit.edu) to schedule an interview as soon as possible.