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Designing Circuit for A Smart Furniture




MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Hiroshi Ishii

Faculty email:


Apply by:

Feb 11th, 2020



Project Description

Interaction designers at the Media Lab are intensively working on creating "A Smart Furniture" that understands residents behaviors from a set of embedded sensors located inside the furniture, in combination with deep learning architecture. We already have a preliminary prototype of the sensors (eg. A Set of Strain Gauges / Force Sensors), so at this stage, we need to develop a set of sensor board modules which can be deployed into any furnitures. In our collaboration, your contribution would be: (1) Figuring out the sensor specifications (2) Designing an analog and digital circuit (3) Fabrication of the circuit through online service and Evaluation Highly appreciated if you have skill/experience/passion in the related fields. Through collaboration, you will improve skills in practical application development in analog & digital circuit design for the latest trend in IoT x DL explorations.


--- desirable if you have at least two of the following (a-c)--- (a) experience in sensors (eg. Strain gauges) (b) experience in digital circuit (eg. Arduino) (c) experience in analog circuit (eg. Instrumentation amplifier, ADC) --- preferable but do not have to (d-e) --- (d) experience in signal processing (eg. Matlab) (e) experience in deep learning (eg. CNNs, LSTM)