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Designing and synthesis of Lipids for RNA delivery




5: Chemistry

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniel Anderson

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Project Description

I am looking for a highly motivated undergraduate student who is interested in learning drug delivery particularly mRNA and sRNA. The project goal is to synthesize novel bioreducible lipids for RNA delivery. The research includes biomaterial synthesis and its characterization through NMR, LCMS, and Mass spectrometry. Training will be given in the synthesis of novel bioreducible lipids, formulation of nanoparticles and cell culture. Our Anderson/Langer lab is highly interdisciplinary research which includes synthesis of biomaterials and its invivo and invitro studies for nucleic acid delivery.


Prior research experience in a chemistry lab is recommended but not mandatory. Courses like organic chemistry 1 and 2 should be completed although others will also be considered. If interested, please email me your resume.