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Designing and modeling 3D interactive assets for Augmented Reality tour guiding experience




MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Joseph A. Paradiso

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Project Description

We are looking for Unity programmers and animators for the Spring semester. In this research, we will evaluate what makes a memorable AR tour guiding experience. 10 different existing research projects will be presented to the participants. They will be evaluate on how much they remember from each project. In order to conduct the experiment, you will help build 10 different 3D interactive assets and plays that will accompany those poster presentations. You will help create 3D assets that are: (1) simple to interact, (2) have dynamic and intuitive animation, and (3) assets that are different from each other to help participants remember (3D assets-project association/cue). We are hiring two UROPS who will work together in modeling and programming the animation/scripts to create short and simple experiences within the AR tour guiding experience.


Relevant experience are pluses: Unity and C# - Blender/Maya/3ds MAX - Game design - 3D modeling and animation - Github for version control. We are using augmented reality headset (Hololens 1 and Magic Leap One).