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Design, Construction and Testing of Intelligent Marine Systems for Ocean Sensing and Renewable Energy Applications




2: Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Supervisor:

Dick K.P. Yue

Faculty email:


Apply by:

October 15, 2020


Grgur Tokic: gtokic@mit.edu

Project Description

Vortical Flow Research Laboratory is looking for one or two UROPs who are interested in working on a novel design project for rapidly deployable, autonomous, non-moored buoys for various sensing and renewable energy-related applications. The applications include autonomous, persistent operation as sea environment measuring buoys; tunable buoys as members of wave energy arrays; swarming buoys that use networking concepts to achieve reconfigurable, autonomous networked sensory arrays. The work UROP students would be involved with includes improving the mechanical design, developing and implementing control algorithms for buoy operation and wireless communication, assembling and testing the prototype performance, and conducting some hydrodynamic calculations. The UROP work can be done remotely. Ideal candidates should be hands-on, have some experience with Python, and have a background in controls and mechanical design (e.g. drones and AUVs). The appointment is available for credit, or for direct UROP funding.


Python, CAD