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Deformable materials analysis – dermatology or manufacturing inspection




2: Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Supervisor:

Brian Anthony

Faculty email:


Apply by:



Theresa Werth: theresaw@mit.edu

Project Description

Deformable surfaces (naturally or artificially coated or patterned) must be inspected and sequentially compared and characterized for applications in manufacturing and in dermatology. Image properties can be used for quality control, feedback control and health assessment of machines or of people. Multiple difficulties arise in large-area and high-resolution image measurement of deformable surfaces. This project will address a key issue in deformation measurement: the registration and matching of deformed patterns including those with noise, occlusions, and artifacts. The emphasis will be on accurate and robust registration and constellation matching algorithms. The registration algorithm will use deviation metrics to estimate global translation, rotation and scaling; the matching algorithm will use a constellation reference grid to characterize local deformed point patterns.


Experience and/or interest in image processing, optimization