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Deep-Sea Mining




2: Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Supervisor:

Prof. Thomas Peacock

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Project Description

This project is to look into the potential impacts of a new frontier in global engineering: Deep-Sea Mining. With demand for minerals such as Cobalt and Nickel expected to grow substantially due to the increased production of electric vehicles for a low-carbon economy, among many other factors, a big question is whether society should consider retrieving vast mineral deposits from the deep ocean (4000m+). This UROP will look into some of the potential environmental impacts of such activities in the deep ocean, and technological considerations that would be needed to conduct such operations in a responsible manner. The research will involve some combination of modeling, laboratory experiments and data analysis, as well as helping the Environmental Dynamics Lab (ENDLAb) team prepare for a major field program later this year. The UROP will work as part of a team with postdocs and grad students.


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