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Cutting-edge digital technologies and the law




15: Management

Faculty Supervisor:

John Akula

Faculty email:


Apply by:

If possible, in time for us to meet 3/10 spring UROP deadline


John Akula; jakula@mit.edu (if you are emailing me put "UROP" in the subject line); 857-928-4488 (cell); 617-452-3619 (office)

Project Description

Late-posted (3/3/20) position. Looking for 1 or 2 research assistants to work with me this semester (for sure) and next summer (possible) on legal issues posed by cutting-edge digital technologies (such as: privacy; manipulative election tactics; behavioral advertising; driverless cars; fintech and healthcare applications; software patents and copyright). Your job would be to help gather current materials (it is tricky to keep up with fast-breaking developments), and design teaching materials (including on-line materials). For credit or pay ($15/per hour). If interested reach out ASAP (UROP spring deadline is 3/12).


None -- whatever you need to know about the law I will teach you.