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Creative VR-based Language Learning




21G: Global Studies and Languages

Faculty Supervisor:

Takako Aikawa

Faculty email:


Apply by:

September 11, 2020



Project Description

VR can be a powerful tool for providing context-rich experiences for students learning foreign languages. With settings in authentic international contexts, VR environments can provide cultural experiences and boost familiarity with the target language and its culture. In VR applications, students can engage in meaningful tasks and become immersed in the environment without the contrived feeling of role play in the traditional classroom. The goal of this UROP project is to examine how VR can be leveraged in a language learning environment to give students more confidence in the target language. We will develop an application that aims to provide learners with basic four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) during the fall of 2020. Users are placed in various environments simulating common interactions when traveling in a foreign country, such as ordering food in a restaurant and booking a hotel room. Users interact with characters in various VR contexts with their voice and get audio feedback. Users will also be able to ask the system for help in their own language, allowing users to learn new words and phrases within the application. The sky’s the limit. If you are interested in VR and language learning, join us! We are looking for those who can spend 5~10 hours/week during the fall of 2020.


Some background in Unity; Passionate about language learning; Have great communication skills with your peers.