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Create Maker demonstrations and projects for K-12 students and teachers




EC: Edgerton Center

Faculty Supervisor:

Diane Brancazio

Faculty email:


Apply by:

February 7, 2020



Project Description

The Edgerton Center has a mission of developing and fostering experiential learning opportunities for K-12 students as well as MIT students. In our K12 MakerLab program we help K-12 educators design and implement Maker projects in their core curricula. We define Maker projects as authentic (students have a personal interest in the project), project-based learning activities, that involve community and collaboration, and have a strong component of hands-on technology-based tools (think 3D printers, laser cutters, Arduino microcomputers, electronics, shop tools, sewing machines). We intend our methodology to be used by K-12 educators who seek to integrate STEM and Maker activities in core academic subjects, including Social Studies, English/Language Arts, Math, Science, and World Languages. We continue to develop resources for our website, for professional development workshops, and for conferences where we exhibit our work. Our need is for students to create project samples that will inspire the teachers in this group and show the range of opportunities available with the Maker technologies. Some of these projects should be demonstrations suitable for a conference exhibit. We anticipate this being very creative and iterative, with students using tools and materials at our shop. They will design and create projects that incorporate technology, art, and academic content - perhaps the kinds of projects they wish they could have done in high school or middle school. They will have access to K-12 educators on our team and possibly from collaborating schools. Resources: Information on our K12 Maker Projects initiative is at http://k12maker.mit.edu/maker-projects Scroll down the page to see project samples from schools we work with


Experience, or desire to develop skills, with Maker tools and materials (2D/3D modeling, laser cutter, vinyl/craft cutter, 3D printer, electronics, microcontrollers, etc) and shop tools (drills, saws, fasteners, etc.) Interest in K-12 education.