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COVID-19 Policy Alliance Demand Forecast Web Visualization




CSAIL: Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab

Faculty Supervisor:

Retsef Levi

Faculty email:


Apply by:



Annie Burrell: aburrell@mit.edu

Project Description

The COVID-19 Policy Alliance is a team of MIT faculty and experts, led by Professors Simon Johnson, Retsef Levi, Kate Kellogg, and Vivek Farias. A cornerstone product from this alliance is a set of daily, nation-wide infection, hospitalization, and death forecasts made at the county level. These forecasts are already informing emergency response actions for the National Guard in Georgia, but in order to help other states across the country we need to display our results via user-friendly interactive visualizations.


The UROP will be tasked with helping to build web-based interactive visualizations of the demand forecasts. The UROP will work closely with a team of faculty and graduate students from the Operations Research Center and Sloan. This is an opportunity to make an immediate tangible impact by creating tools that will influence emergency policy response in US.