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Course 6 Integrator!




11: Urban Studies and Planning

Faculty Supervisor:

Sarah Williams

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Project Description

There are many Computer Science (Course 6) classes that have problem sets that could focus on Urban Science topics, from issues in transportation to modeling climate change. This position will help the Urban Science program develop exercises and problem sets for Course 6 classes (that are required for 11-6 students) and have a stronger urban planning and social policy connection than current exercises. Much of the work will involve researching ‘real world’ settings to assemble data, policy and planning contexts, and published articles. The idea is to place the simplified class examples of the course technology and concepts within a broader policy and planning context whereby problem formulation can be key, program impacts fall unevenly across the public, and program implementation and design can be critical. This position will also help to develop a Fall 2020 Urban Science First Year Discovery Course (3 credit course) with Andres Sevtsuk that will be focused on linking to the curriculum in 6.0002. We are interested in an undergraduate student for the position and the candidate should have programming skills (specifically Python) and they should have an interest in Urban Science. ( 1- Undergraduate working with Lecturer and Faculty)


6.0001 and 6.0002