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A Counting: crowdsourced generative voice meditation on counting in hundreds of languages




MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Ekene Ijeoma

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Please apply here: https://forms.gle/MQkAFzUQy3XyeikMA

Project Description

Poetic Justice is a group of critical thinkers and makers researching social inequality across multiple fields including social science to develop artworks in sound, video, multimedia, sculpture and installation. Working from data studies and life experiences, and using both computational design and conceptual art strategies, we reframe social issues through artworks that embody and empower overlooked truths within systems of oppression. We’ve been developing a series of artworks that are phone-based and web-based generative sound and video works. This Summer we partnered with museums and communities across the US to relaunch A Counting which can be experienced at 844-959-3197 or a-counting.us. We are also expanding this project to a Sign Language edition. As a UROP you will assist with content management, social media management and community outreach. This includes listening to recordings, reviewing transcriptions, editing new language names, reviewing languages and contacting speakers, contacting community groups, developing and scheduling social media content and more. Keywords: media research, narrative generation, topic generation, audio transcription, audio processing


Proficiency with G Suite especially Google Sheets Strong writing skills Heavy social media user Responsible and very communicative Graphic design experience preferred Bilingual preferred