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Control system UROP opportunities - Build a levitated bagel




PSFC: Plasma Science & Fusion Center

Faculty Supervisor:

Zach Hartwig

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Project Description

The Plasma Science and Fusion Center is designing and building a superconducting tokamak (see http://www.psfc.mit.edu/sparc). It will have a fast (up to 10KHz) feedback control system which will control a set of large power supplies and heating systems. We are exploring technologies to use as its plasma control system. As an inherently unstable test problem, a levitated magnet apparatus is being built to evaluate the real-time computing framework under consideration. The permanent magnet, about the size of a bagel, will be levitated within a lexan cage with lifting and control electromagnets and various position sensors. The control magnets will be energized by low power off the shelf audio amplifiers.


We are looking for UROPs with mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and control systems interests to work on various aspects of this project. While the plan is to complete this before the end of the spring semester, there will be continuing control systems work at the center that these UROPs could participate in.