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Computer Vision for 3D Printed Invisible Codes


IAP and Spring


6: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Faculty Supervisor:

Stefanie Mueller

Faculty email:


Apply by:

Saturday, January 30, 2021


Send application materials to M. Doga Dogan: doga@mit.edu

Project Description

Computer Vision for 3D Printed Invisible Codes (project for Spring 2021 or IAP+Spring 2021). Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Engineering Group at MIT CSAIL. In this project, we research how we can use 3D printing and imaging methods to embed unobtrusive but machine-readable physical codes in objects. You can work on this project either remotely or on campus (the latter is available to students living on campus with access to CovidPass).


For the software part of the project, we have two different tasks that you can choose from! - Task #1: Developing a user interface for modifying 3D models. Skills required: CAD tools such as Blender/Rhino and Grasshopper 3D. - Task #2: Building an AR/computer vision app that detects these codes. Skills/tools required: App development for Android or iOS, experience/interest in using boards such as Raspberry Pi, and a 3D printer you can access. For the hands-on part of the project, students with CovidPass may work in our lab to build and fabricate samples on our 3D printer. Preferably, they may also work on either of the software tasks above at the same time. Anyone who is interested in any of these steps (any class level) is encouraged to apply! Successful applicants will have a chance to co-author a research paper upon completion of the project. If desired, it is also possible to continue this research as part of an MEng thesis for prospective MEng candidates. Interested students should contact Doga at doga@mit.edu and also *send their CV/resume and a website URL/portfolio*.