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Computational cognitive principles of hedonic adaptation




15: Management

Faculty Supervisor:

Rahul Bhui

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Please include resume and unofficial transcript. Email rbhui@mit.edu with 'UROP' in the subject line

Project Description

The way we feel about an event depends on how we compare it to our other experiences. This force plays a big role in all our lives and it has been a hugely influential concept in the social and behavioral sciences. But why do we make comparisons and exactly what kinds of comparisons do we make? When changes happen in our lives, how quickly do we adapt our standards? We’re working on understanding this process of adaptation, with a combination of behavioral experiments and computational modeling approaches from cognitive science and machine learning. We are looking for a UROP to help us develop and code up an experiment, collect data online, and analyze the data.


Experience with programming in HTML/Javascript, statistical analysis, and experimental methods.