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Collaborative Music and Audio Software Environments (Remote UROP)




MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Tod Machover

Faculty email:


Apply by:



Nikhil Singh: nsingh1@mit.edu

Project Description

The Opera of the Future group is looking for students interested in helping build systems for new creative musical and rich multimedia environments, to support large-scale participation, connection, and collaboration. We have launched several massive musical collaborations (https://citysymphonies.media.mit.edu/) in places around the world, and we are currently working to develop the next installment in this series, as a first-of-its-kind participatory virtual movement. Opportunities to work on frontend and backend development, applied data analysis and machine learning, audio processing, database management, mobile development, and more depending on student interest and experience. Please include a copy of your resumé/portfolio and github link or code samples (in any language).


Experience in any of: Full-stack web development (Python, JS, React is a plus, SQL, etc.), mobile development (iOS/Android), Python data/ML stack, C/C++. Experience or interest in audio production, music composition or performance.