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City Scanner


IAP and Spring


11: Urban Studies and Planning

Faculty Supervisor:

Carlo Ratti

Faculty email:


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Meaghan MacDonald, Senseable City Lab, 09-216, 6173244474

Project Description

The proposed project is part of the environmental monitoring research in context of City Scanner initiative that is being developed at MIT Senseable City Lab (http:// senseable.mit.edu). The City Scanner initiative (http://senseable.mit.edu/cityscanner) aims at democratizing environmental data, bringing it to the doorstep of citizens. City Scanner leverages driveby sensing, a novel approach to monitoring urban areas: intelligence stemming from a fleet of sensors-equipped vehicles is aggregated to provide advanced analytics for both local governments and citizens. By collecting, analyzing and visualizing hyperlocal environmental data sourced by fleets of vehicles equipped with custom-designed sensing nodes, we aim at studying a number of urban phenomena: for example, air quality, road quality, gas and energy leaks. Ultimately, we expect our platform aim to help delivering actionable insights for public good. The candidate will work with the City Scanner team to develop the front-end platform components for environmental data analytics. The task includes developing code for data aggregation, visualization and sophisticated user interaction using the latest web technologies.


Excellent programming skills in Javascript (D3.js, Canvas, WebGL, etc) and frameworks (React/Angular/Similar) • Experience in web development (HTML5, CSS3, JQuery) • Familiarity with data manipulation in Python Example