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Characterization of ultrafast laser pulses




RLE: Research Lab for Electronics

Faculty Supervisor:

Karl K. Berggren

Faculty email:


Apply by:

Rolling until filled, ideally by 18 Sept.


Mina Bionta: mbionta@mit.edu, Donnie Keathley: pdkeat2@mit.edu

Project Description

The Ultrafast team in the Quantum Nanostructures and Nanofabrication (QNN) group is looking for UROP students. Our group is building nanodevices for sampling weak optical waveforms with attosecond resolution (10^(-18) seconds). The technology is comparable to a sampling oscilloscope with petahertz-level bandwidth. These devices could be useful for molecular sensing and biomedical applications. An important piece of this work is the ability to characterize the incident ultrafast optical pulses in time using well-accepted techniques to calibrate the response of our devices. We are looking for someone to measure and characterize ultrafast laser pulses from our laser system, and create a GUI automated control system for the characterization process. They will also learn how to set up laser systems and optical experimental setups. In this UROP you will: --Learn how to measure and characterize ultrafast laser pulses; --Set up laser systems and optical experimental setups; --Automate data collection and analysis via computer control; --Work in a team environment with experienced optical scientists and engineers. Please contact Donnie Keathley (pdkeat2@mit.edu) or Mina Bionta (mbionta@mit.edu) if interested.


On campus access required. Some prior optics knowledge and familiarity with Matlab, python or similar. This project is open to interested students majoring in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, chemistry, and other relevant fields.