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Changing Places




MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Kent Larson

Faculty email:


Apply by:



Suleiman Alhadidi, alhadidi@media.mit.edu

Project Description

The City Science group (Changing Places) is seeking a UROP for data analysis and visualization of a large spatio-temporal dataset. The immediate goal of this project is to test the impact of 24-hour coworking spaces in highly mixed-use areas in cities. The work of the group aims at creating vibrant 24 hours Mixed-use Live/Work/Play spaces that enable communities to thrive in tier 1 cities. By encouraging more flexible and temporal working dynamics, these environments are blurring traditional spatio-temporal boundaries as well as the separation between work and leisure. By helping to activate urban areas after hours will allow new demands patterns to emerge such as gyms, banks, supermarkets and public transportation that operate longer hours. This initial pilot study will take place in Boston near flexible 24 hours buildings such as co-working spaces. First, the study will look at the demand patterns around these spaces after hours (the preferred locations are Harvard/ MIT and a selected co-working Space in Boston: around Kendall Square, Harvard Square, backbay, sea port areas). The study will look at the macro data analysis to look at how cities operate at night and the emerging pattern of the need for nocturnal planning strategies. The study also looks at team collaboration and spatial utilization inside these co-working spaces.


Required Knowledge: Python (numpy and pandas) Preferred knowledge: JavaScript for data visualization